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  • v1.2 (June 16, 2009) : This new version adds support for multiple work spaces, very practical to reorganize your applications. Just move your stylus on the touchscreen horizontaly to switch from one work space to another. Read the using DsKiosk on this page and the setup page for futher details. In the settings panel, buttons have now a sort of auto-repeat function : maintain pressure on them, and they will repeat their action (useful to scroll through very long lists).
  • v1.12b (R4) (Mar 8, 2009) : DsKiosk is finally working on R4/M3 linkers (thanks again Michael 'Fenrir' and all beta-testers for their help). The ZIP file now contains two binaries : dskiosk.nds and dskiosk-r4.nds. Use the latter if you own a R4/M3 or if the regular dskiosk.nds won't run on your linker.
  • v1.12b (Jan 8, 2009) : bugfix : if no INI file was found, DsKiosk wouldn't go any further
  • v1.12 (Jan 18, 2009) : long awaited feature, you can now customize DsKiosk's background picture. More information on the setup page. You will also find some new backgrounds on this page
  • v1.11 (Dec 24, 2008) : minor bugfixes
  • v1.1 (Dec 12, 2008) : first release

About DsKiosk

Everything within your grasp

DsKiosk is a little manager for you to run your homebrews more elegantly, and more easily : the more programs you have on your SD card, the more it is difficult to locate them, scattered all around. You have to struggle with games that require to be put in the main directory, while others can only be executed from a very special location, not to mention your very own personal directory structure.

Well, if you ever dreamed about running all your homebrew quickly within a cute graphical interface, DsKiosk was meant for you !


The full detailed setup procedure can be found in the setup section.

Using DsKiosk

Once you'll have registered some homebrews into DsKiosk, they will be visible on both screens of the DS. Then, just choose your favorite one, bring it on the bottom screen, and touch it with the stylus.

The whole list will follow your movements : just hold your stylus on the touchscreen, and drag it up or down.

The whole list will follow your movements : just hold your stylus on the touchscreen, and drag it up or down. You can also navigate from one work space to another while moving your stylus horizontaly across the screen, to the right or to the left. If at the same time you press the L or R key, buttons will show up, allowing you to jump directly to the desired work space.

Linkers status

Acekard 2iOK-
Cyclo DS EvolutionOKManually DLDI-patch DsKiosk first (a R4 patch will do fine)
EZ Flash 5OKInstall the latest DLDI SD and SDHC drivers with 'aligned mode' support
M3 DS Real (M3 Sakura 1.40)OK-
M3 DS SimplyOKUse the dskiosk-r4.nds binary provided
Max Media DockOKManually DLDI-patch DsKiosk first, as for all other homebrews (this linker has no auto-patch feature)
R4OKUse the dskiosk-r4.nds binary provided
Supercard DS OneOK-

If you cannot find your linker in this list, please contact me and give me some feedback.

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